Totally Redesigned!

It’s not often designers get to totally redesign a magazine, and it’s very exciting when it happens! Canadian Quilter is the quarterly magazine of the Canadian Quilter’s Association, an organization like many others that is focused on developing membership. That means ensuring content is relevant, helpful, and inspiring to quilters of all ages, abilities, and styles, from traditional to modern.

The Editor made a new game plan for content, and we re-envisioned the look, taking the opportunity to ask ourselves why we were making changes, and whether or not each change made the magazine better. Our goal was not change for the sake of change, but change to make the magazine more inviting, useful, and fun to read.

The Summer 2018 issue is the first to have the new look and it’s on press now. Looking forward to holding it in our hands and checking over every page for ways to make it even better as the new design evolves.