My Theory

Creative people sometimes get a bad rap, because we tend to be right-brained A-types who wear our emotions on our sleeves. The upside is, channeling all that passion into our work can produce great results.

The key is balance

Ideally, you need a designer who is the queen of creative solutions, not drama.

Clients have told me that I’m a pretty nice person to work with, “for a designer”. They marvel at how I get things done on time and within budget, which apparently is unusual. They also say things like: “Do your magic”, “You know better than I do what I want”, and “I totally trust you”.

My goal is to be able to visualize what my clients need, even when the creative brief consists of random thoughts, conflicting instructions, and really bad jpegs. I gather input and turn it into something that resembles their vision (and hopefully better).

The best part for me is when a client tells me I’ve got it exactly right, or: “I really didn’t know what I wanted until you showed me”. I think that means I listened well, and took the time to understand who they are, and interpreted their vision successfully.

(For those clients who tell me exactly what they want and give me everything I need; you have a special place in my heart, especially if you also pay on time.)

So, let’s recap:

  1. Creative solutions
  2. On time
  3. On budget
  4. No drama.

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